Posted by Jon Moss

A HUGE thank you to all who helped with VBS this year!
— Decorating crew: Jayda, Lilly and Brynn Bowman, Kathy
Clemens, Jim & Judy Kotruba, Beth Martin, Lois Martin, Carrie,
Caitlin, Trenton and Tessaly Robertson
— To Marion 1st Methodist and Christ Community churches for loaning us their decorations.
— Skit team: Caitlin Robertson and Grace Stephenson
— Teachers: Wayne Blackford, Kathy Clemens, Olivia Nebergall and Julie Stephenson
— Powerpoint: Leann Bowman
— Meals and snacks: Linda Blackford, Marcia Jordan, Vickie Martin and Leah Nebergall
— Crafts: Carrie and Caitlin Robertson
— Helpers: Jarod & Jayda Bowman, Elizabeth Gregoricka, Kallie Hubbard, Lois Martin, Kale
Nebergall, Ross Peterson, Tammy Schaul, Ana and Genna Scott, Emily and Carrie Staal,
Sharon Scott and Grace Stepehnson
— Grilling team: Tim Clemens and David Martin