With Gratitude, We Give

MISSIONS: Human Relations Day Offering – Sunday, January 14, 2018: Your gift gives ordinary people an extraordinary voice.

Remember the thrill of putting together your first puzzle when you were a kid? Or, perhaps, you better remember a sense of accomplishment when putting together a 1,000-piece puzzle as an adult…or even a 5,000-piece puzzle. A puzzle can take hours, maybe weeks or months, to complete. But, slowly, through patience and attention to each detail, each piece, a picture starts to emerge — a beautiful, complete picture. Every piece is different, some showcasing brilliant colors, while others might feature a shade of blue just slightly different from 50 other blue pieces. Every piece is cut differently — it can only fit in one spot. Without every single piece of the jigsaw puzzle, the picture isn’t complete. Every piece, no matter how seemingly small or monochromatic, is critical. Every piece matters. Every single one. On our Special Sundays, we take the time to look at all of the pieces of our “puzzle,” and we invest time, money and resources into each piece through community-development programs, voluntary services and investing in at-risk youth.

For decades, we have made a difference through our Human Relations Day in the lives of those living in the margins. For decades, we have worked as partners as a denomination to bring people the hope of Christ. Your gift today matters. Without you, our puzzle isn’t a complete picture.